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That. That moment when you see all the art you made when you were younger.

Also, since I'm currently enrolled and studying, I'll be free from Friday to Monday!
For the most part, at least. ;;

Name: Mira. Just Mira.  
• Alias/Nickname(s): The bounty huntress, blue ring of death, the stick in the mud.

Species: Patapon

Languages Spoken:
• Main/Primary Language: Patanese
• Secondary Language(s): None. 
• Voice: Mostly dead, but there are moments where her speech does adjust in tone.  

Homeland: Pataopolis

Gender: Female (♀)

Sex: Female (♀)

Age: 19

Date of Birth: November 15th  
• Star Sign: Scorpio ()

• Hair Colour: Blue  
• Height: leaning on the small side
• Weight: a bit light for her height 
• Health Issues: Mostly just some dull pain in her right shoulder, but otherwise nothing. Unless her personality and mindset can be considered one.    

Her red dress, dark blue vest/hoodie thingy, and black leather boots and gloves. Also has a black cloak in storage.

Dominant Hand: Right

Background: Used to have rich parents, a rich brother, and a rich sister. They're rich in everything except being a functional family. Previously known as a thief.

• Occupation(s): Part-time bounty huntress, part-time student in fishing.

• Philosophy: Realist
• Education: College, but dropped out.
• Defining Characteristic(s): The light blue iris of her eye.    

Owned Residence(s): None.

Weapon(s): Scythes, Spears

General Possession(s): A leather journal, a broken wooden spear, and a picture of her family. 

Catchphrase: "Don't test me."

Likes: Peace and quiet, knowing people's secrets, observing others, surprising people by quietly creeping into the area besides them, the ocean.

• Food: Rice porridge and sweets
• Drink: Cinnamon tea
• Music: Piano music

Dislikes: Nosy or clingy people, her parents and siblings, liars, those who can't separate her job and her morals. 

Most Hated:
• Food: Dry food.
• Drink: Coffee and alcohol
• Music: Anything too loud or screechy becomes her absolute hated music.

Fear(s): Being unaware of something that may hurt her, failures or insecurities being revealed and used against her, betrayal, forgetting vital information.

Personal Skills and Abilities: Deduction and observation of her enemies is crucial when she is fighting. That, and the element of surprise.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading and writing, drawing, training, sailing. 

Family: Elder Kona, wife of a sailor and the owner of the docks of Tochira Beach, Elder Taro.  

Friends: Not many. 

Rivals: Those who are rivals of the Elders are rivals of her own (considering she lives with and works for them).

Enemies: People who get in her way. 

Blood Type: A

heeeeeere's a bio
Okay so. I used the bio skeleton of :iconecho-fritz: ( I hope you don't mind by the way ;; ) to get a little information out there. No, she's not really a disciple, but she may be a sort of anti-hero to the story I'm thinking of and ( if and ever possible ) may tie into the story of the disciples one day.
I'm rather uncertain if I should submit this into the group, though. ;; 

Anyways, thoughts, comments, and criticism are always welcome in the comments below!
here's a little ref by PataponFlameAngel
here's a little ref
So. I made a full body ref of her. Still unsure of the name along with the bio, but how's Mira sound?

And yes, I kept the scythe. And mixed it with a trident to make it a bit more suitable.

Advice is always welcome!
Mizuki Redrawn by PataponFlameAngel
Mizuki Redrawn
So. Guess who got back into the Patapon fandom again. ;;

I'm still playing around with some ideas for her design and I will change her name and bio, but for now have this little thing.
A Strange Trio by PataponFlameAngel
A Strange Trio
So. Haven't been on much here. Have this thing I worked hours as an apology ;;

Advice and criticism is always welcome!

Journal History

Icon - 032 Ed (ahahah...) Ahahaha, looks like I've been absent for quite the while now, haven't I?.. Looks like I have a lot of explaining to do as well.

To start things off, I'm terribly sorry for my disappearance and such. I've been gone for... what, a year?! I know, I know, it's pretty unforgivable, seeing as it is that I haven't at all been uploading or keeping you guys informed about my current status I'm such a lazy butt I'm sorry. Things were pretty rough at the time and I needed to stay away from DA anyways because of being grounded, so I apologize for my long absence. Emoticon: Bow  And hey- people actually said happy b-day to me on here! Thanks you guys! Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]  Seriously I don't deserve this at all from you guys because really I'm such a big pain in the butt and asdfghjkl thanks guys!

What else, what else... Oh, and about Tsubasa and the gang... I might need a bit more time to get the hang of my OCs again, so there's that.

Oh, and did I tell you guys that I went to school only to realize that I didn't have school? Yeah, not to mention it was in the snow! I can barely feel my feet anymore now. ; n ;

One more thing; I'm kinda working on a small RPG involving a few other OCs I have, but I might be able to make an RPG for Patapon or something like that...

Other than that, I'm back! I know you guys must probably hate me by now ; u ;



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United States
I suppose I am supposed to be considered 'kami' to the patapons... however, I would prefer to be called Tsubasa... or at least that is what I think it is. I had forgotten after so many years have passed, so don't blame me for forgetting so much. I happen to have my shuriken if tempted to help anyone who happens to be in serious danger and needed most in battle, or just to find out people called me so I can help start some campfire. -_-;

(Oh and I'm also lightofanangel, so don't say I'm stealing or something.)

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